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Fishing in Sweden

Many fishermen have said about fishing in Sweden – less people and much more fish!
Sweden has become great salmon, trout and grayling fishing country. In North Sweden
is much to discover – large areas and exciting waters such as Torne and Lainio, Piteå
and Byske, Kalix river with known Ängesån and Jockfall, Luleälv with a new salmon
place and mysterious Kaitum with exciting poles and streams, not to mention amount
of lakes. Here You fish for salmon, sea trout, trout, grayling and arctic char can be found
in many lakes.

Boat trolling allowed in many rivers and lakes.

SWE Kaitum river en
SWE Fishing in Byske river and lakes
SWE Fishing in Torne,Lainio and Kalix rivers