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Experienced travel agency located at the Arctic Circle

We offer

  • Attractive Winter tours in the land of the Northern Lights
  • Attractive Summer tours in the land of the Midnight Sun
  • Flexible private day and night tours
  • Full service customized tours for families, small groups and individuals all year round
  • Fishing Tours in Rovaniemi and North Finland
  • Fishing Tours in North Sweden
  • North Norway deep sea fishing tours
  • Tours in North Sweden and North Norway
  • Accommodation in cottages

Our Story

NortsaV Tours is a Rovaniemi based tour and activity company owned by former professional volleyball player Normund Veinbergs. After exploring Rovaniemi and Lapland more than two decades by himself, Normund now creates opportunities to individuals, small groups and families to experience genuine Lapland and its pristine nature in Rovaniemi area and above it, in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland.

One of the most legendary volleyball player’s in Finland, Normund moved to Rovaniemi in 1995 and played 16 seasons in Rovaniemi as a professional. He was selected five times the best player of the season and won four Finnish Championships. Normund has also been rewarded by Rovaniemi city. One of the top moments of Normund life was when his player jersey (Nr 4) was raised to hang permanently on Santasport Sport Institute ceiling.
Normund´s life long passion for volleyball was ignited by his mom – Olympic Champion in volleyball from Mexico 1968.

Normund started gathering experiences in travel services for small groups and individuals in 1999-2014, when he helped a travel company owned by a friend’s family. Soon after an idea for own travel company was crystalising and eventually NortsaV Tours was established on 2013.

With NortsaV Tours, You’ll experience all things that eventually made Normund fall in love and stay in Rovaniemi, Lapland, such as nature, wilderness, Lapland´s culture, traditions and habits.

Ounasvaara Ski and Outdoor Resort is close to NortsaV Chalets

What do our customers think?

Normund the Great 
Review of: Boat Fishing Tour, 2 hours

For 6 days we toured Lapland with Normund, a giant of a man with a golden heart: gentle, knowledgable, considerate and very nice to be with. We enjoyed every miniute, especially chasing the Northern Lights. Recommended!– ehud Y See more reviews on TripAdvisor